See You In the Storm PRE-ORDER

Hey folks, been a while! Lots of things going on this year with me/us, most notably we are happy to announce the release of a 3 song EP called “See You In The Storm” on May 7, 2019! These 3 songs about hope, sadness, and revival were recorded during the Grief Intensity Friendship recording sessions, by the immensely talented and kind Jesse Gander.

The EP will be available digitally on all major streaming platforms on May 7th, but you can pre-order it here: and get an immediate copy of the title track.

*Note! - If you bought Grief Intensity Friendship off of Bandcamp in the first few weeks of it’s release, you already got these songs as a bonus in that download. Just a heads up.

Jesse LeBourdais - SEE YOU IN THE STORM

  1. When You Fail

  2. See You in the Storm

  3. Three Shots