Oct 16th 300th Show/New Album Fundraiser!

About 6 years ago, I turned off my amp and picked up an acoustic guitar and started off down a solo path that has taken me many places across the continent, to venues and living rooms and basements, and through the lives of many wonderful people. It's been a long, incredible fun journey, and I am very pleased to announce that on Oct 16th, I/we will be playing my 300th show at Lanalou's in Vancouver! We also start recording our 4th full length album on Oct 21, so this show will also be dress rehearsal to make sure we know how to play all the new songs. We have asked the lovely Mobina Galore from Winnipeg to join us, as well as Miesha and the Spanks from Calgary. Local radio celebrity Rocket From Russia will also be doing DJ sets between bands. I hope you can join us on this wonderful occasion, and here's to 300 more!