Introducing The Long Winter!

People always ask when I'm gonna get a band name for all the full band shows we play, and it was never an easy thing for me to come up with. Every good idea I ever had always came really easy and for this, nothing was ever sparking. But in the back of my mind I always knew what it was. Not only is it a throwback to old lyrics and an old album, it's also a thing that has shaped my emotional well being and seasonally affected well-being that has shaped the course of my music over the years. So tonight at Lanalou's will be the first official show of Jesse LeBourdais and the Long Winter! Just in time for Stephanie to leave for 3 months! LOL! No, but seriously, I am forever indebted to her and Dave for all the work they did on the new record. Lots of new stuff coming on that front soon, but for tonight, come on down and buy them a drink and watch the River Jacks and Josh Wood and help us celebrate being alive and being able to enjoy it!