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Based out of Vancouver, BC but raised in a small, rural town, Jesse LeBourdais has spent the majority of his adult life putting rubber to road and fingers to chords. Always on the move, he has played hundreds of shows across thousands of kilometres with little more than a guitar, his unique voice, and a will to endure all there is to be found. Songs steeped in the folk traditions of storytelling and fuelled by the raw emotion of punk rock. Common veins of life, humanity and hope shined through heart-felt lyrics and passionate performance.




Jesse LeBourdais has acknowledged pain and heartache but chooses to focus on the joy and good times that life brings us, and there are few albums that carry as positive a message as Grief Intensity Friendship manages, and that it something to be treasured.
— The Punk SIte

Jesse and his band - the Long Winter - recorded his 4th full length album “GRIEF INTENSITY FRIENDSHIP” in the fall of 2016 with legendary Engineer/Producer Jesse Gander at Vancouver’s Rain City Recorders. The album was recorded mostly live-on-the-floor and mixed with mostly analogue gear, resulting in his most cohesive, sonically driven and critically acclaimed collection of songs to date. 12 songs borne out of the pain of loss, the strength of friendship, and the excitement of things to come. 

Available on CD, Digital and Vinyl (coming soon)

“Hardcore guys sing folk songs all the time, but no one belts them out like LeBourdais. No one can capture the honesty, the raw emotion quite the way he can. These aren’t your average sing-along songs, but you’ll find yourself singing along anyway.”

LONG WINTER is the 3rd full length release from Jesse LeBourdais and the first to be released on vinyl (via My Fingers! My Brain! Records). His most progressive and critically acclaimed album to date, these 12 songs are filled with passion and heart and overflowing with emotion. Brace yourself for long drives, loud nights and lonely hearts.

Available on Digital, CD, or Vinyl (Clear with Red Splatter)

“I don’t know where to start on the accolades for this album. The songwriting is sublime and in true folk fashion, the storytelling is as rich as it gets. Combine that with LeBourdais’s one-of-a-kind vocal stylings and you have characters in the songs that sound, seem and feel so familiar that it is almost as if they are old friends.”
— Upstarter Punk Reviews

The 2nd full length from Jesse LeBourdais, I GO BY THE SOUND,  finds him fully embracing the bluegrass roots of his upbringing, while keeping a firm grip on the punk rock ethos and attitudes that have shaped his life. 13 tracks of fortitude and despair, loneliness and hope. All in all, a testament to a life well wasted. 

Available on Digital or CD

“As lead singer/guitar player for the melodic hardcore band Cambridge, Jesse is no stranger to letting his opinions and his voice be heard. Mixing melody, social politics, gravitas, and honesty into a raw expression, his solo performance is no different. Combining Folk and Bluegrass styles with Punk Rock ethics and passion; the result is a sound all to his own.”
— Online Review

 Following a the death of an old family friend, THE WORST KIND OF AMBITION, came out as both a reaction and a catharsis. 5 of the songs are reworked Public Domain songs from folk legend, stripped down and built back up like only he can. The other 5 are original songs that show a unique and passionate take on life and lays the foundation of prolific songwriting that has been built on ever since.

Available on Digital or CD




Jesse LeBourdais...might just be East Van’s next great Singer-Songwriter.
— The Georgia Straight


“His beautifully rough voice is accompanied by a solid drum beat and chilling bass. The captivating beats complement the rigid mood of the lyrics perfectly. The combination of the melody, vocals, and lyrics create a symphonic experience. The ability to perform such different tones is astonishing... Jesse’s self-expression is breathtaking, and this EP is an intense emotional ride.”
— Discorder Magazine



“Grief Intensity Friendship embraces heartland rock’s soul and melds it with punk rock energy and the spirit of rebel country to create something that is genuinely moving and energizing.”
— The Punk Site



“Imagine yourself around a campfire built from pallets and rubber tires, everyone’s drunk on whiskey, singing and dancing like they do in old Western films. One person has even managed to drag a piano out into the wilderness. Except this party is raging on in your living room and the fire alarms have been yanked out of the ceiling. Unharnessed and wild, a bluegrass band lead by a drunkard’s crackling voice calls out beyond the roaring flames. This is the sound of Jesse LeBourdais.”
— Discorder Magazine
“If you’ve ever had the pleasure to see Jesse Lebourdais play live, then you know he is a performer who pours his entire being into his songs. The instant that Jesse strums his first chord, a visible metamorphosis takes place. Jesse transforms into his songs, becoming indistinguishable from the material he is performing. It is truly a captivating experience.”
— Red On Black Music
“...the open road, friends and foibles and relentless devotion, that’s met this troubadour along the way shines through Long Winter’s ebbs and flows. Tracks like “Simple” and “Kensington” distill such perspective into alluring narratives, while “Things Will Get Better” and “”The First Time That I Screamed” are anthems waiting for choirs of voices to make them explode.”